Bio – Sean Nolan – Pastor

About Sean

Sean and Hannah were married in 2009 and have four children: Knox, Hazel, Ransom, and JET. They’re both natives to the Capital District and met working at Taco Bell during high school. Sean was an atheist until Jesus used Hannah to preach the gospel to him. He used to play in a punk band until Jesus called him to ministry. He has earned degrees (BS in ministry; MA in theology) from Clark’s Summit University in Pennsylvania and is happy to say the only time he stepped foot on their campus was to walk across the stage at graduation. Most of what he learned about church ministry was learned locally in the church (read this article for more on this). Prior to serving at Engage Albany he served as a youth pastor about three miles from the church that Eugene Peterson founded.

What’s your favorite thing about Engage Albany?

I think singing together on Sunday mornings is my favorite thing about our church family. Theologically, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that in the new heavens and new earth there will not be a need for preaching, but there will still be singing. It’s a reminder of what that will be like when we gather to sing on Sunday mornings.

What are your hobbies?

I’ve taken up learning to cook as a hobby. I like watching movies with my kids. Additionally, I aspire to be a writer but it is hard work. I pretty regularly contribute to the blog at Key Life. I’ve written a handful of articles for The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, 9 Marks, Relevant Magazine, The Witness, and For The Church. I used to write on staff for Gospel-Centered Discipleship so I have a whole bunch over there. But, I think one of my favorites was this one I wrote for Mockingbird.

Favorite Book?

I’m not wired to narrow it down to just one. But the words of CS Lewis, Tim Keller, and Eugene Peterson live rent free in my head.

What Is Your Claim To Fame?

There are literally hundreds of people with the same name as me, most of which have accomplished more than I have. That said, I once submitted a question to the “Dear Abby” advice column and she personally called me on the phone to speak to my dilemma. She never published the interaction in her column, however.

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