2019: Year in Review

2019 By The Numbers:

-Had over 60 people from non-churched or non-believing backgrounds in our home.
-Met in small groups in 3 different locations.
-Had 2 Preview services in 2 different locations.
-100 people on average attended EACH of these services (!).
-We had 2 outreach events (a Party in the Park and a Friendsgiving dinner) with over 50 joining us for dinner and upwards of 250 coming to our party.
-Sent 4 people to Sojourn Network’s Leader’s Summit.

Goals For 2020:

-We’ll be meeting monthly for public worship services on Sundays until Easter.
-We’ll be adding another small group gathering on Sunday afternoons starting in January.
-By Easter, we hope to move that to biweekly public Sunday gatherings.
-By summer, we are praying to the end that we’ll be meeting weekly on Sunday mornings.
-We plan to quadruple our outreach efforts with various events throughout the city to meet people and introduce them to our community.

Prayer Requests:

We’ve covered a lot of ground in a year. Please be praying for continued faithfulness and fruit. We’d like to see God do the following:
-Raise up additional Engage (Community) Group leaders.
-Begin 2 more Engage Groups within the City.
-Lead 100 new believers to faith in Christ.
-Lead us to a permanent home to meet in for worship on Sunday mornings.
-Repair damaged marriages, provide for the poor through our ministry, redeem those who are broken, lost, addicted, and in need of hope.
-Lift Jesus’ name up high and
-Glorify his name in our city.

Would you consider making a year end gift?

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