Sundays @ 10 – Lincoln Park

* UPDATE: Starting Sunday August 16th we’re now meeting at 10am (the post previously stated 11 and the image above needs to be updated)
*UPDATE 2: We’ve moved our meeting spot slightly down hill (right at the corner of Morton & MLK Jr. Blvd). There’s more shade, they mow better there, and there’s less garbage (a triple win!). We’ll update these graphics soon!

Amidst all the challenges of the year 2020 and living during a worldwide pandemic, we are thankful for the opportunity to meet in-person and outside during this season of warm weather. Here are the specifics for joining us at our “live” gatherings during this season:


Lincoln Park (in front of the Sunshine School). This map is a helpful graphic for locating us:

Parking is abundant and easy to find in this location. There’s also plenty of shade and often a nice breeze to keep you cool. All around, the Lord is providing a great spot for us during this season!


10am on Sundays.

Although our team of volunteers arrives as early as 9am. Interested in serving with us? Sign up HERE (select “serve in ministry” in the drop down).

What Should I Bring?

-Bring a mask (if over age 2) and plan to wear it when moving around or when in close proximity to others.* Once sitting you are welcome to take it off.
-A lawn chair for each person in your family or party
-A picnic lunch (if desired)
-A Bible (a smart phone is helpful too)

What About My Kids?

We will provide age-appropriate activity books for any kids joining us. Out of caution we don’t have any kids programming or age-targeted ministries at this time. However, we have a variety of activities and even fidget spinners to help kids enjoy sitting with their parents for the duration of the service.

What About The Weather?

In the case of rain or as the colder months draw near, check back here or on our Instagram page for alternate plans.

What If I’m Not Comfortable Getting Too Close To People?

We totally get that, and as such we adopted this neat idea that a lot of folks have been sharing: Simply place a red wristband (we’ll provide them) on your wrist to indicate you’re not comfortable coming into close contact with people.

Yellow is cautious but distant, and green is for those who are okay with hugs and handshakes (we still request you wear a mask when not sitting). We’ll also make sure to stock some extra masks as well as an abundance of hand sanitizer.

What Should I Expect?

Come prepared to sing 5 or 6 songs, listen to a message from the Bible, fellowship with others (at your comfort-level), and participate in communion (for those trusting in Christ).

What Should I Wear?

We prefer you wear clothes, beyond that, it’s really not our place to tell you what to wear… (Keep in mind the weather is currently hot and we’ll be outdoors, that’s all we’ve got for helping you decide what to wear.)

Still Got Questions?

We thought we covered everything, nonetheless, if questions remain shoot an email to, we’re happy to serve you in any capacity possible.

*As a community seeking to love others and put their interests before our own (Phil. 2:3) we joyfully set aside and lay down whatever opinions, privileges, or rights we believe we’re entitled to in order to be well thought of by others (1 Tim. 3:7) and put their needs before our preferences. Be courteous and wear a mask, this is not a political stance, this is accepting a minor and short-term inconvenience out of deference to others. It’s really not a big deal people.

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