Jesus Outside The Box

There are a handful of interactions in the New Testament Gospels where various folks interact with Jesus and present him with sorts of either/or scenarios. As finite humans, we often attempt to limit the infinite God to the confines of our own limited imaginations and existing paradigms. The purpose of this series was to see that Jesus continually evades, escapes, and breaks out of the boxes we try to limit him to. Following him will consistently bring us out of our comfort zones. Despite the inevitable discomfort, however, we are convinced that a commitment to following him will lead to deeper joy and satisfaction than the existing either/or paradigms. Come, see the God who refuses to be put in a box:

Light Shines In The Darkness
(Intro to series, 7 minutes, August 28 2020, Instagram Link)

The Good, The Bad, & The Born Again
(John 3:1-21, 42 minutes, August 30 2020, Audio Download)

A Red Letter Reputation
(John 4:1-31, 45 minutes, September 6 2020, Audio Download)

Choose Today
(Luke 9:51-62, 43 minutes, September 13 2020, Audio Download)

Live By The Law; Die By The Law
(Luke 5:17-26, 35 minutes, September 20 2020, Audio Download)

Working In The Flesh; Resting In The Spirit
(Matthew 12:1-14, 50 minutes, September 27 2020, Audio Download)

GUEST PREACHER: Jamie Leahey; Mercy That Melts The Heart Of Stone
(Matthew 12:22-37, 23 minutes, October 4 2020, Audio Download)

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen
(Matthew 12:38-45, 36 minutes, October 11 2020, Audio Download)

We broke from this series on October 18th for an Ordination Service

You Might Be Right…But Do You Have The Right?
(Matthew 17:24-27, October 25th, sadly a tech issue prevented us from recording this one)

The Sin Is Always Redder In Someone Else’s Yard
(Luke 13:1-9, 32 minutes, November 1 2020, Audio Download)

Two Words & Countless Works
(John 10:22-39, 39 minutes, November 8 2020, Audio)

Dead Presidents; Living Lord
(Matthew 22:15-20, 46 minutes, November 15 2020, Audio, Full Service Video)

Temporary Sorrow; Eternal Joy
(John 16:16-33, 53 minutes, November 22 2020, Audio, Full Service Video)

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