Advent & Christmas 2020

Advent is a word meaning “arrival.” Traditionally, the church has entered into the tension for the four weeks leading up to Christmas to await the arrival of the Christ, the chosen one of Israel, the Savior who would ransom us from captivity to our sins. The following are our attempts to enter that tension:

Hope (Isaiah 11:1-10, 26 minutes including music, November 29 2020, Video)

Peace (Isaiah 8:19-9:7, 37 minutes, December 6 2020, Audio / Video)

Love (Isaiah 43:1-7, 36 minutes, December 13 2020, Audio / Video)

Joy (Isaiah 35, 46 minutes, December 20 2020, Video)

The Scandal of Christmas (Luke 2:4-20, 23 minutes, December 24 2020, Audio Below / Video)

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