James: Gospel Wisdom

The book of James has been called “the Proverbs of the New Testament” by many due to its abundance of wisdom and practical instruction. That said, it’s also filled with commands, more per word than any other book of the Bible. Jesus’ name is only mentioned twice (1:1 and 2:1) and as such it would be easy to get lost in the “to-dos” of the book (the Law) and miss the “it is done” of the Gospel that Jesus has accomplished on our behalf. We want to explore this book, written by Jesus’ (half) brother to learn how to live wisely, but also hammer home that truly wise living must start with a vibrant relationship to Christ (Jn. 15:15) and that we could have all the wisdom in the world but miss paradise if we miss Him. Join us as we mine the depths of this short book for the “gospel wisdom” that shows us how to follow Jesus wisely, but only because we have grasped that He sought and bought us when we were once His enemies.

Opportunity In Affliction (James 1:1-16, 40 Minutes, April 11 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: Chris McCabe (James 1:17-27, 30 Minutes, April 18 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: CJ Quartlbaum (James 2:1-13, 21 Minutes, April 25 2021, Audio / Video)

Thoughts And Prayers (James 2:14-26, 43 Minutes, May 2 2021, Audio / Video)

Tongues Of Fire (James 3:1-12, 36 Minutes, May 9 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: CJ Quartlbaum (James 3:13-18, 40 Minutes, May 16 2021, Audio / Video)

Do You Desire To Desire? (James 4:1-12, 41 Minutes, May 23 2021, Audio / Video)

The Wisdom Of Worship (James 4:13-17, 49 Minutes, June 6 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: James MacDonald (James 5:1-12, 39 Minutes, June 13 2021, Audio / Video)

The Wisdom Of Neediness (James 5:13-20, 35 Minutes, June 20 2021, Audio / Video)

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