Psalms Of Ascent

The Psalms are the longest “book” in the Bible. Someone once said that, “the Psalms were written by people who knew less about God than we do, but loved him more than we do.” A fitting description for a collection of “songs” that help give us language to worship God and express the full range of human emotion to Him in prayer. In particular, we are looking at the collection of Psalms (or songs) from 120-134 in this series and taking queues from them on how to grow as followers of Christ. We called the series “Songs for Discipleship,” but perhaps a more fitting title would be: “The Pilgrim’s Playlist.” As those who are on a journey to ascend to God because Jesus first descended to us, we are not at home in this world, but this collection of Psalms gives us a playlist for the journey. Join us as we journey together.

The Journey Begins: Rescue & Repentance (Psalm 120, 37 Minutes, June 27 2021, Audio / Video)

Protection For The Journey (Psalm 121, 33 Minutes, July 4 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: Alex Gailey (Psalm 122, 42 Minutes, July 11 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: Wil Kent (Psalm 123, July 18 2021, Audio / Video)

GUEST: Charles Shannon (Psalm 124, July 25 2021, Audio / Video)

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