5/30 Fifth Sunday Respite

For a lot of churches the months that contain five Sundays (they occur 4x a year) prove to be particularly challenging when it comes to staffing enough volunteers. One value we want to cultivate at Engage is a culture of rest and renewal. As such, we’re planning for these fifth Sundays to be a bit of a break from the usual Sunday routine.

Instead of a normal Sunday service, we’re doing a Q&A centered around the topic of Mental Health and the Christian Wordlview. Think more of a dialogue than a normal Sunday sermon. Here are the details:

When: Sunday, May 30th @ 11am
Where: 553 Clinton Ave., Albany
Who: Anyone and everyone!
Why: Because God invites us into His rest and calls us to community
Cost: Free!

We’re pleased to announce that our friends @ New Hope Church are providing childcare for this event in order to allow our internal volunteers a time of rest and renewal.

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