Engage Albany Internships

We all dream of making our mark on the world.

Perhaps you went to Bible College to equip you to do just that…but you realize, you’re still not exactly where you’d like to be. Your education filled your head with important knowledge, but your hands lack the practical experience, and your heart desires a clearer vision of Christ.

You’re not alone.

We believe Jesus is raising up a new generation of winsome and compassionate leaders and equipping them to reach the increasingly post-Christian world.

Albany, NY is one of the least Bible-minded cities in America, and yet, Engage Albany is a healthy and steadily growing church that has held on to the orthodox Christian faith while gaining influence in a diverse secular city. It’s a ripe training ground for the future of the church church.

We want to see more churches and leaders equipped to reach our ever-changing world. Perhaps you’re one of them!

The Details

Our internships are summer-long intensive programs tailor-made to equip the next generation of church leaders.

That means that whether you’re being called into worship ministry, church-planting, discipleship, or pastoral ministry, we’ve got you covered.

What’s Included?

We include lodging for the duration of your stay. In most cases within walking distance of our church as well as places for food and shopping.

The internship is unpaid, but is invaluable for preparing you for ministry.

You’ll meet and share life with others who will help speak into your life and ministry.

We encourage you to seek meaningful part-time employment (think 25 hours, or 3 days/week) outside the church during your stay with us. You can expect to make $15-20/hr at any entry level employment (particularly in the food industries) and find flexible hours. Of the many reasons this is encouraged is that it is essential to interact with those outside the church and develop the skills and mindset of a missionary. The future of the Church is going to require those with experience in the real world outside the church walls.

How Do I Apply?

Because of the limited availability the easiest way to see if it’s the right fit for you is to email Pastor Sean and discuss the specifics of where the Lord is leading you.

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