The Bruised & The Broken

There’s a saying that gets thrown around: “the only sin God won’t forgive is the sin of being unrepentant.” I don’t know where I first heard it, but the idea being reached for is that when we come to God with open hands, He’s all too willing to receive us. When we cling to our sin and idols (with our hands closed around them) we choose sin over Him. Let’s frame a different idea with this concept: the idea of our fragility. Jesus is all too willing and ready to accept with open arms those of us who are honest about our weakness and wounds. He himself says, “It is not those who are well who need a doctor, but those who are sick” (Matthew 9:12). In other words, those who are in most need are the ones Jesus is most in search of. Let’s explore together the paradox of the statement “when we are weak, then we are strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10) and seek together the One who does not run from our wounds. Jesus’s heart is truly for the hurt and the hopeless.

Series Intro (3 Minutes)

Jesus Is Willing (Matthew 8:1-4, 36 Minutes, September 11 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Wants To Make Us Whole (Matthew 8:5-13, 31 Minutes, September 18 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Is A Willing And Able Physician (Matthew 8:14-17, 35 Minutes, September 25 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Disturbs The Comfortable…But Comforts The Disturbed (Matthew 8:18-22, 32 Minutes, October 2 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Is In Your Boat (Matthew 8:23-27, 28 Minutes, October 9 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Prioritizes People Over Property (Matthew 8:28-34, 38 Minutes, October 16 2022, Audio / Video)

The Whole Of Jesus For The Whole Of Life (Matthew 9:1-8, 37 Minutes, October 23 2022 Audio / Video)

Jesus Desires The Undesirable (Matthew 9:9-17, 40 Minutes, October 30 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Restores Two Desperate Daughters (Matthew 9:18-26, 26 Minutes, November 13 2022, Audio / Video)

Jesus Opens Our Eyes (Matthew 9:27-31, 37 Minutes, November 20 2022, Audio / Video)


Jesus Was Silent So We Can Sing (Matthew 9:32-3, February 5 2023, Audio / Video)

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