Disciple-Makers Cohort

Gain a vision for making disciples and growing as a leader in the church.

The primary focus of this cohort is to sharpen our skills for making disciples and growing as leaders in the church. This cohort is specifically designed to be small and personal. As such, participants are capped at 6.

This cohort runs for approximately 12 weeks and meets 6 times (biweekly, on Tuesdays @ 8pm).

What Can I Expect?

1. This cohort will guide you to establish a framework of ministry done by the “regular saints” in a church and challenge the view that ministry should be done strictly by pastors and professionals.

2. This cohort will help you assess your comfort-level of sharing the gospel with others and applying it to the unique context of their life.

3. This cohort will aide you in developing a personal and adaptable approach to discipleship drawn from the life of Jesus and his disciples in Scripture.

4. This cohort will help you evaluate current ministry practices to prioritize people over and above any “systems” or “programs.”

5. This cohort offers opportunities to learn from others in community and grow as a disciple while encouraging others to grow as well.

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