Support The Mission

We believe it is a part of every Christian’s regular worship to give cheerfully and sacrificially to further the mission of the Church.

Everything mankind possesses is a result of the generosity of our loving and merciful God. As Creator of everything, He provides for the needs of all creation according to His will and purposes. That God is sacrificial, is most clearly seen in that He “did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all” (Romans 8:32). Recognizing that truth, we encourage members of our community to follow God in generosity and sacrifice. By regular giving that is cheerful and sacrificial you will find it draws you into deeper worship and dependence on God. Giving is a tangible way of demonstrating with our wallets what we declare with our words: that we trust God with all of our lives and give back only in worshipful response to his abundant generosity.

An additional way you can support our mission (which has no additional cost for you) is to select us as your designated charity when shopping on Amazon. By using Amazon Smile, half of a percent of every purchase you make is then donated to us. If a bunch of people do this, it adds up! (We recommend bookmarking the link for Amazon Smile after you select Engage Church Albany)

Lastly, we can accept donations via Venmo as well. We’re grateful for your continued partnership in the gospel.

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