The following is a short curated list of some places on the web where you can find quality and affordable (often free!) resources to help you grow in your Christian walk:


We encourage Christians to devote themselves to a life of Bible study in order to grow as disciples of Christ. If you do not have a Bible, please be our guest and join us at one of our gatherings, where we would love to give you one as a gift. The Internet has made our age a unique one. There is a vast range of additional Christian reading material out there, but many find it overwhelming to navigate the sheer volume available. We would recommend some of the following resources to aide you as you grow in your walk with God (many of which are free of charge):


One of the many ways we worship God is through song. We seek to promote music that exalts God as the object of our worship while edifying us as worshippers. We also seek to expose our community to a vast array of various traditions and cultures of musical worship. Feel free to explore some of the songs we worship with on our FaceBook Page.

The Streetlights Bible project which puts “God’s Word to a rap soundtrack” is also a great resource for listening to God’s Word. It is also available as an app.

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